a different kind of talent agency, helping those not believed in believe in themselves

a different kind of talent agency, helping those not believed in believe in themselves


EVERYONE should know where to go if an innocent is victimized.             summerbeach236.1@gmail.com

Volunteer and independent researcher for nonprofit organizations fighting CSAM, child abuse, domestic violence and sextortion. 

Summer Beach Global survivor helping survivors in need of justice and aid

Summer Beach Global survivor helping survivors in need of justice and aid

Professional attitude is ensured, years of experience in the service industry with entertainment and arts being my lifelong passion. My career is a way for me to achieve my childhood dreams and bring attention to the causes I stand for.

As a child development major public speaking is a obligated course and has been useful in experience with voicing serious measures like the danger children face online. Sextortion crimes are at a rise with the main targets being children and adolescents. 

Not long ago, making prank calls was the worst trouble a group of teens could get into with a telephone. But today, predators use phones to stalk and blackmail teens on social media and dating apps. Sextortion — the act of threatening to share nude or explicit images — is more common than you may think, and cases affecting young children, teens and adults have increased exponentially in the past two years. In fact, Homeland Security Investigations received over 3,000 sextortion tips in fiscal year 2022.(https://www.ice.gov/features/sextortion)

One current sextortion trend targets boys between 14 and 17 years old. Adult predators pretending to be young girls feign romantic interest in the boys on gaming platforms, apps and social media sites.

Image based sexual abuse is a crime not recognized by federal government, The Protect Act would change that: https://foundationra.comimplementing criminal offenses for those who knowingly share, create, or solicit non-consensual explicit materials.    

How to Bait Online Predators Legal and Safely: thewolfprojectinc.com

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How do I get started in the talent industry? 

Modeling and acting mentorship $100 (4 classes) teaching everything I know and have learned  

What talent bookings do you offer? What is your rate? 

Starting rate at $30 an hour

Discounts for schools, nonprofits, churches, and community groups or organizations. 






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The Wolf Project - nonprofit organization fighting against human trafficking and pedophilia

The Wolf Project - nonprofit organization fighting against human trafficking and pedophilia

HIRE ME AS A SPEAKER discussing solutions &resources for concerned citizens&victims of human trafficking, CSA, & domestic abuse.

Why did I get into this fight? 

It happened to me it can happen to anyone. Because with how technology has advanced has made it where a child can become a victim of sextortion within their own bedrooms. My goal is to speak at schools where I will use developmental appropriate practices to discuss the importance of online safety, speaking out, and common signs of child sexual abuse to faculty/students alike. 

What will be mentioned:

Discussing resources to go to in times of need. 

Discussing what nonprofits are most beneficial to the problem. 

Discussing how to help victims of human trafficking. 

Please contact through: summerbeach236.1@gmail.com

Photo credit: @sg_glamour_shots

Photo credit: @sg_glamour_shots


Promotional trophy model for CarShows in east county San Diego to runway modeling in Hollywood for Los Angeles designers to benefit breast cancer research. My experience has taught me to work your way up to where you want to be in your career. Pushing to becoming a nonprofit for underprivileged talent, as a former foster youth with big dreams I want to make this ambition possible for others stuck in the same situation I was where it took me years to learn how to operate in this industry. 

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#protectmyimage aiding survivors of IBSA

#protectmyimage aiding survivors of IBSA

Foundation RA founders of the Protect Act #Protectmyimage stopping illegal distribution explicit materials online. 

Wanted to come on here and introduce a very hard working women and a powerhouse in the fight against image based sexual abuse. Writing a robust bill to the House of Representatives against the holes in our justice system that allows pornography to be created, uploaded, and distributed online without the consent of persons depicted in the material. 

This has led to the victimization of countless women men and children who have few or no remedies under present law. 

It’s called “Preventing Rampant Online Technological Exploitation and Criminal Trafficking” or THE PROTECT ACT 

the bill adds criminal penalties for those who knowingly upload sexually explicit content without the consent of those depicted. This sends the message loud and clear that such activity is wrong, harmful, and will not be tolerated. 

The foundation RA is Uldouz nonprofit which connects victims of image based sexual abuse to take down services, lawyers, and detectives along with spreading awareness about what the protect act is against. Please if you’d be interested in getting this word out there or visit the websites “get involved” page. 


Summer Nicole Beach